C. WHO WE ARE (2007)

Salvador Macip
guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, vocals

Laura Powers  
lead vocals (B3, B7)

Gug Lacorata  
keyboards (B9)

Franc Carreras
lead vocals, keyboards (B13)

David Bentley  
bass, vocals (C)

Belma Kokic
lead vocals, keyboards
(B11, C)

César Muñoz Fontela
guitar, keyboards, vocals (C)

1. Valentina Gontxarova (single mix)
Who I am (live)
3. Mugrons de titani (single mix)

4. Come away (single mix)

1. Mugrons de titani
2. Criptotapioca
3. Come away
4. Love th
5. Modular e-scape (Watch the stars)
6. Homes de metall a la Ultramort
7. Banging in my mind
8. La batalla del sistema Ziritione
9. Picnic a la selva
10. Trilogia de Klorofíl·lia

11. Red sun

Gran final: El ziggurat soterrat
13. Valentina Gontxarova

14. Mugrons de titani (catacling cataclang remix)

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1. To the evening land
2. All your lies

3. The dream has just begun

4. In this quite Earth

5. It's not done (Yol2)/Suspicion

6. Who I am

7. Girl's gotta move

8. Close your eyes
Songs by S. Macip except A3, A7 and B1-4 (Macip/Powers), A9 (Lacorata/Macip) and B2 (Macip/Esmerats/Vidal). Suspicion by Pomus/Shuman.

Recorded at ARS Studio, New York (A) and live at different venues in Manhattan (B). Produced and mixed by S. Macip (except A13, produced by Macip/Carreras). CDs published by ARS Music.

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